Youth Accounts

This Kids Club Savings Account is designed to help children develop the right financial habits at a young age! It’s our goal to teach your children how to save and spend responsibly while they pay themselves. The Kids Club

Savings Account allows children to deposit money into an account and see how it grows as they earn interest on THEIR funds!

Let’s put our future leaders on the right financial path! Here’s how it works:

The Ready Set Go Account applies to children from birth to 12 years old

The Cruisin’ Account applies for teens 13-17 years old

Starting up with three simple steps

  1. Make your first deposit with only a $5 minimum!
  2. Make sure to bring your Birth Certificate, School ID, or Affidavit completed and signed by a guardian.
  3. Provide us with your Social Security Card, Medicaid Card, or other Insurance Card. 

Open an account

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Student Loans

Community South is proud to offer our student members private student loans with Low Rates and Great Benefits!

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