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Community South Credit Union

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Freedom From Fees

Created the cooperative way, to benefit people not the bottom line!

Checking Accounts

Opening a checking account just got sweeter! Avoid the high fees that other banks charge and open a truly free checking account with us today!

Convenient Checking

What's better than free? Nothing! Since we're not-for-profit, we put our money into serving you better. That's why we offer Convenient Checking — an account that's truly free — with plenty of amazing features.

Benefits include:

Get the checking account features you want most, with all the service, trust, convenience and value you deserve!

VISA Debit Cards

Imagine getting through life without ever having to dig for change — or worse, write a check. Use your free VISA Debit Card for purchases around the globe and online. It's safer than carrying cash and more readily accepted than checks. Plus, the very same card is used to make ATM withdrawals. One tiny piece of plastic with a whole lot of versatility!

Benefits include:

Pay for everyday purchases the simple and secure way!