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Need a break from payments? Skip a monthly payment online!

Take a break from payments

You can now decide when you'd like to skip a monthly loan payment and schedule it online.

Need extra cash for unexpected expenses? Skip a monthly loan payment whenever it's convenient for you! Click below to schedule your Skip-A-Pay.

  • You may skip up to two monthly payments** each year.
  • You must have the Skip-A-Pay fee*** of $25, per skipped payment, per eligible loan in your checking or main share in order to successfully schedule your skipped monthly payment(s).
  • Don't forget to cancel any automatic payments such as BillPay, Pay Your Loan link and Online Banking transfers. All distributions and in-house transfers will be stopped by the credit union.

If you have any questions, call 1-866-638-8376, or stop by any location.

*Participating in the Skip-A-Pay program amends the original loan agreement and will extend the term of your loan by one month. Interest will continue to accrue on the principal balance of the loan from the last payment date. Allow 48 hours prior to the loan due date for processing. If you participate in Skip-A-Pay, it may alter the coverage of your GAP (Guaranteed Auto Protection). You should keep a copy of this with your loan documents. Other restrictions may apply. Any regular payment made through payroll deduction or direct deposit will be reversed and deposited into your CSCU account. Several loan types are excluded from this offer. Ask a credit union representative for additional information. Other exclusions may apply for those loans that have a payment greater than $1000, loan balances less than $100, annual payments, workout loans, TDRs, delinquent, and extensions in the last 6 months. Loans less than 6 months old can not be skipped. Business Loans, Loans on Business Accounts, and loans secured by real estate are not eligible.

** Skipped payments can not be scheduled for consecutive months.

*** If a member has multiple eligible loans, a $25 fee per eligible loan must be in the main share account regardless if the payment will be skipped. (i.e. If you skipped a payment for 1 loan, but you have 3 loans with us, you will need $75 in your main share account.)